ANIMAL – A beanbag made of high-quality automotive leather with a whisper feature


The beanbag is made of high-quality and durable automotive leather. The one hundred percent recycled and in-house developed filling consists of specially processed leather fibers and recycled memory material. Due to the full-surface perforation of the robust automotive leather, the surface looks classy, creates a pleasant room climate and absorbs disturbing ambient noise. In a 20 square meter acoustic reverberation room, final analytics show that a single beanbag reduces the unpleasant and unnatural reverberation time of nearly 4 seconds, by one second.


Analyses in  the acoustic impedance tube show that at least 90% of the sound is absorbed in the relevant frequency ranges. Due to the in-house developed filling, there is no disturbing noise when sitting and moving on the beanbag, nor is there any displacement of the particles inside. ANIMAL can be filled individually according to the client’s wishes. Thus, the seating comfort and the weight are variably adjustable.


No leather has to be specially produced for the beanbag. We use high-quality leftover cuttings from production and make optimal use of them The filling is made from 100% recycled material. The final processing, filling and packaging takes place in central Europe, to keep transport distances as short as possible.


Reverberating business and residential premises, ark constructions, kindergartens, schools