The natural source of nutrients - Our organic fertilizers

Our organic fertilizers regulate moisture, revitalise and loosen the soil and improve the overall soil quality. Our fertilisers are decomposed by the microorganisms in the soil. This process continuously and slowly metabolises the organically bound nitrogen into plant-available nutrients. A major advantage is that our fertiliser acts as a depot that slowly decomposes, preventing all the nitrogen from being washed out at once.

They are also environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and promote the natural microbial environment. Our fertilisers made from upcycled collagen fibres are the sustainable option for agriculture, horticulture and hobby use. A sustainable and organic form of fertiliser can be created with comparatively low energy input.

Our products at a glance

Nitrogen content[%]121213
Moisture[%]15 ±515 ±510 ±5
Shapepelletshort pelletfiber/powder
Size[mm]0 - 150 - 60 - 2
Throwing distancemediumlow-
Time of releaseslowslowslow
Type of releaselinearlinearlinear
Type of fertilizer

long-term fertilizerlong-term fertilizerlong-term fertilizer