ODF-N – The fertilizer from natural recyclables

The ODF-N is an organic fertilizer fiber made of pure collagen fibers and with a built-in long-term effect. The fertilizer is suitable for almost all plants. ODF-N in its pure form is the ideal nitrogen fertilizer and also serves to promote soil life. It also bridges fluctuations in the water supply due to its moisture regulating effect. The pellet stores over 100% of its own weight and can return this moisture to the soil.

The organic fertilizer fiber is suitable for both gardens and organic farming. When added to the soil, the ODF-N provides a sustained level of nitrogen in the soil. If more is needed, the ODF-N can be easily distributed by using a spreader.

Technical data sheet ODF-N

ODF-N works without additives based on polymers and wax layers. By using complex recycled collagen fibers, no new resources are wasted in its production. The pellet is manufactured and packaged in Europe.

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