GRETA - The plant pot that turns into fertilizer


The 100 % biodegradable plant pot is made on the basis of pure collagen fibers. By planting, where the pot is planted too, no plant suffers transplant shock. Even before decomposition, the plant’s roots can penetrate the pot.  GRETA is moisture regulating and during decomposition fertilizes the plant with important nitrogen, in the initial phase. 


Greta is the ideal growing pot for herbs, fast growing vegetables and ornamental plants. The pot protects the roots and ensures rapid growth. In addition, buying already growing plants in our GRETA also conserves finite resources. The plant pots remain stable over a long period of time with automatic drip irrigation.


By reusing reprocessed natural fibers, GRETA is a contribution to the responsible use of natural resources. Outdoors, the plant pot decomposes within a few months in the ideal environment. By using regional natural fibers for reinforcement and our collagen fiber, GRETA is free of plastic. No fiber or additional material is transported across different continents for production when we use regional natural resources and production sites. 


Plant propagation and growing, fertilization, give-aways, kits, gift boxes  

moisture regulation


root friendliness

plastic free

built-in growth