Get to know us

We are a young company with a clear vision: We strengthen the market position of our clients – many of whom are market leaders – through innovative and sustainable products.

Like a butterfly, our products, developed especially for you, undergo a transformation: Through upcycling, we help by-products and waste products to a new life.


We use recyclable materials that are left over or by-products of other production processes – for example, precious natural fibers with small surface irregularities. From these we develop new ideas and new products. In this way we improve the degree of utilization of resources, always paying attention to energy efficiency and water consumption.

Natural Fiber

Natural fibers are a very special material, even in secondary use. They are extremely stable and, as a component of compound materials, develop unique properties that offer new potential uses. Manufacturing technologies from AVEMA breathe a second life into the resulting recyclables.

Added value

Ultimately, we achieve an ideal combination of sustainability and profit generation for you. With our products and components, we support you as a sustainably operating company in gaining new competitive advantages. There is one in every product – at least.

Sustainability has no technical or qualitative limitations. For me, working at AVEMA means using existing material to generate products with the same or better properties. 

Kai Helfersdorfer 

Head of Technology and Development

AVEMA offers me new exciting tasks and challenges every day. I learn a lot and have extensive exchanges of experience with clients, partners and experts in innovative market segments and applications. There’s no more motivation than that! 

Lothar Grimm 

Head of Sales