New materials open up new opportunities – we develop, you profit

We are continuously developing new ideas and optimizing our products. We would like to let you participate in these exciting projects while they are still in the development phase.

    • Boards SUMO
    • Thermal insulation YETI
    • Impact sound insulation BENJ

    Floor Board SUMO

    Due to the flexibility and impact resistance of the material, it can withstand high loads.

    Even with weathering, the material does not lose it good properties. The boards can dyed stably, even with a small amount of organic dyes and customized to your wishes. The boards can also be used for a fence and privacy screen and cladding for walls, stairs and pool installations. The material is ideal for all areas that are used in the garden or on the terrace

    Impact sound insulation BENJI

    The natural fiber leather can – via its modified helical structure – store air and form the smallest possible microporous-like structures. We achieve this without the use of chemical or physical foaming additives.

    Despite the high stability of the insulating elements, sound transmission is reduced. Due to the flexible adaption to subsurfaces, uneven surfaces can be leveled out without any problems