ODP-N S – The small version with a big effect


ODP-N S is an organic short fertilizer pellet, made from upcycled collagen fibers with a built-in long-term effect. The fertilizer is suitable for almost all plants. In its pure form, ODP-N micro is the ideal nitrogen fertilizer (N = 12%) and serves to promote soil life. In addition, it bridges fluctuations in the water balance due to its moisture-regulating effect. Because of its unique structure, ODP-N S can absorb a large amount of its own weight in water within minutes and release it back into the soil over a period of weeks.


ODP-N S is FiBL-listed and thus certified for organic farming (Naturland Germany, Ecovin Germany, Betriebsmittelliste Germany, EU organic legislation). In case of larger demand, the micro pellet can be easily spreaded with the help of a spreader - with a small throwing distance. Depending on the substrate, moisture and temperature, ODP-N S provides an initial base fertilization. After about three months, the actual release of nitrogen begins and has a long-lasting, stable and continuous effect. The constant linear release allows a quick and easy calculation of the nitrogen. Due to its depot effect, the ODP-N S is ideal for fall or stockpile fertilizations. In the nursery sector, the micro pellet is a suitable long-term component.

Technical data sheet ODP-N S


ODP-N S works without excipients based on polymers and wax layers. By using upcycled collagen fibers, no new resources are wasted in its production. The micropellet is manufactured and packaged in Europe. The special and gentle manufacturing process is extremely low in energy compared to synthetic fertilizers and does not require the addition of water. Thanks to this process, pelleting aids or additives are not necessary.


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