ODP-N crumble –


AVEMA ODP-N crumble is an organic fertilizer pellet made from organic natural fibres. It promotes soil life and is proven in plants, vegetables and fruit growing. In addition, AVEMA ODP-N Crumble can be applied as a depot, providing the crop with a continuous, long-lasting source of nitrogen.


AVEMA ODP-N crumble is a slow-acting long-term fertilizer and therefore ideal for longer cultivation periods, as a basic nitrogen fertilization, for viticulture, tree nurseries and depot fertilization. Added to this is the extraordinary moisture-regulating interaction of the AVEMA ODP-N crumble. Due to its structure and fiber composition, ODP-N crumble improves the soil conditions and loosens them up. Due to their size, the pellets are well suited for manual application and for small and medium-sized throwing distances

technical data sheet ODP-N crumble


AVEMA ODP-N crumble is produced using a special process, without any polymer layers, additives or pelleting aids.


Green areas | ornamental lawns | sports lawns